Becoming a Successful CNA – What Does it Take?

Becoming a Successful CNA – What Does it Take?

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It takes someone special to be a great nursing assistant. Whether you work in a hospital, nursing home or in-home care your primary responsibility is help your patients do the things they can no longer do.

It is vital to realize your own feelings about the sick and elderly because any and all negative feelings you have can affect those under your care. If you’re unsure about your feelings towards the elderly or sick you must sort those feelings out before you start or continue work as a CNA. Your most important strengths as a CNA are your compassion, kindness, caring and respect.

Your tasks can vary greatly depending on the level of illness and independence your patients have. Learning how to care for patients of various levels of independence is a big part of being a CNA.

The CNAs of any healthcare setting are the eyes and ears of the rest of the healthcare team. Since they work closer with the patients than anyone else they will many times have the most insight into how a patient is feeling and what their needs are. Because of this close relationship patients will depend on CNAs more than anyone else.

CNAs will be required to make many important decisions regarding their patients. When making these decisions some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself include:

Is my patient safe?
Am I protecting their privacy?
Am I doing everything possible to protect their dignity?
How can I encourage my patient to be independent as possible?
Does my patient want to talk?

Becoming an exceptional CNA requires you to do many things that are not necessarily done while on the job. You must live a lifestyle that will help you perform your duties as a CNA. You must be healthy, confidant and rested to perform at your best. Some of the qualities of a good nursing assistant broken down by categories include:

Health and Hygiene:

Eating a well balanced diet rich in produce
Getting plenty of rest
Having good posture
Professional dress
Good hygiene and clean scrubs
Wears comfortable shoes that provide support


Getting along with others
Good listener
Able to talk to staff members and families
Able to tell a patient there’s a problem


Knows what information should be kept private and keeps it private
Is polite to everyone
Is always honest
Dependable and reliable

If you’re serious about becoming the best CNA possible you have to make it an important part of your life and keep the things mentioned in this article in the forefront of your mind. CNA work is one of the most important jobs there is. Tending to the elderly and the sick is a duty that must be done with care and love.