Different Options for CNA Training

Different Options for CNA Training

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With so many options available it can be tricky finding the CNA training program that’s best for you. For example, the American Red Cross offers a fully compliant, comprehensive nursing assistant program; but it’s not available in all areas. In many cases, finding a school or training facility is a the right option for CNA training, however that’s not always necessary.

Some hospitals or nursing facilities will offer on-the-job training for nursing assistants, especially if they are in need of new workers. Calling or visiting your local hospitals and nursing facilities and talking to a hiring manager will give you an idea of how badly they are in new of new workers and whether they offer on-the-job training.

If you decide to start in in-home care you may not need to be certified. In this scenario, essentially you will be traveling to the home of an elderly or sick person to help care for them. It will still be beneficial to have some training under your belt for this type of job, but it’s not always necessary. You should, however, be at least trained in CPR and first aid before taking on any job where your are responsible for caring for another person. An in-home care giving job can be a good place to start because it will allow you to test the waters and determine if CNA work is the right career for you.

Nursing Assistant Schools

If you’re looking for an actual school that provides CNA training there are many technical and even online schools that offer nursing assistant and nursing courses. These schools are usually much more expensive than a CNA course like the one the Red Cross offers, however you may qualify for financial aid which will allow you to complete your program with no immediate out-of-pocket costs. The first and best option you should always attempt is to see whether your local community college offers any nursing assistant or even nursing courses. You will most likely be able to enroll in these classes completely free of costs (other than textbooks). While this option is not always available it is important to at least check and see whether it is or not.

Nursing Assistant Programs

The nursing assistant schools available to you really all depend on the area you live, how much you’re willing to spend and whether any free training options exist. No matter where you live there will be options available to you, so if your goal is to become a CNA don’t give up because you can’t initially find a school or training program that meets your needs. Talking to acquaintances in your area who are already CNAs or nurses is really your best resource, because they know the local options better than anyone else. Also, be sure to give your state’s board of nursing a call for more information on what’s available and accredited in your area.