Guide to Red Cross CNA Training

Guide to Red Cross CNA Training

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If your interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, you may be able to take advantage of the training provided by the American Red Cross. The Red Cross is typically know for their lifeguard, CPR and first-aid training. Many people, however, are completely unaware that the the Red Cross offers both online and in-class CNA courses in many states. These classes usually range between $600- $1500 per course. Most of these programs are between 2 – 6 weeks in length but some may be measured by hours spent learning, rather than a time-frame. Most classes are 100 hours in length which is enough to satisfy most state requirements. The Red Cross training programs always meet the state requirements for the state that they are in.

Red Cross CNA programs will undoubtedly fully prepare you for a nursing assistant job, as long as you give your best effort and do the assigned work. The Red Cross is highly regarded because of the nationwide status, their charitable nature and the quality of all of their training programs. If there is a Red Cross program available in your area it’s most likely the best option if you goal is to become a CNA.

One great feature about the Red Cross training programs is the fact that they provide very comprehensive training that includes subjects such as “the art of care-giving,” “working in the healthcare system,” “working in long-term care,” “how to be a good nursing assistant” and many other topics that will not only prepare you technically but also mentally and emotionally for the tasks you will face as a nurse’s aid.

Red cross training programs are more common in states including Alabama, Kentucky, Wisconsin, DC, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Hawaii, although these are not the only states that courses are offered. The will, however, be the easiest states to find a Red Cross program.

The Red Cross CNA training programs can be a great option for many potential CNAs, however if there’s not a Red Cross program available in your area there are many other great programs out there that are offered at technical schools, community colleges and training facilities. These programs are usually in the same price range as the Red Cross programs and many offer both in class and online CNA training. Your state’s board of nursing can be a great staring place to determine what’s available to you.