Skills To Practice For The CNA Test

Skills To Practice For The CNA Test

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The skills portion of the CNA exam is set up in a room which closely resembles a nursing environment. You do not need to worry about bringing any equipment, as everything you will need will be provided and set up for you. Each skill that you will be tested on is timed, and you will be asked a series of questions as you execute each skill. They are chosen randomly and you will be partnered up with one of your peers.

The following are skills which are learned while you are enrolled in a state approved CNA training program. Every nurse assistant must be able to correctly perform each skill, and will be tested on it by the end of the program. Be sure to pay close attention in class, and when given the opportunity to practice these skills, do! Typically you will be tested on five of the following skills on your CNA exam:

Ambulate using transfer belt
Bed bath
Count and record pulse
Count and record respirations
Gown and gloves
Dress patient
Fingernail care
Hand washing
How to correctly apply a knee-high elastic stocking
Make an occupied bed
Measure and record blood pressure
Measure and record urinary output
Measure and record weight
Oral care
Perineal care
Range of motion exercises

Tips for Studying

The easiest way to learn these skills are in groups or pairs. You will likely be given the opportunity to practice with your peers. It is a very good idea to utilize this time and pin point a partner in class who seems very studious. Another great way to learn is by teaching what you know! When you get home from school, apply what you’ve learned on a friend or family member. Ask someone if they would be willing to let you take their blood pressure for instance. You can also practice making a bed while a friend is in it.

Tips For The Test

If you have yet to take your skills test, then you may be nervous. Try to relax because you know this stuff! Once it is over, you will be thinking about how easy it really was. There are a few things that will help you get through it, and guarantee a passing grade. Once you have these, there’s no doubt that you will be passing with flying colors! Here are a few tricks to help you pass the skills test:

Verbalize each step as you do it. The person who is testing you wants to hear that you know what you are doing, not just see it!
Make sure your voice is loud and clear.
Have confidence! Don’t ever say “I don’t know.”
Smile! Show that you are enjoying what you are doing.
Don’t linger on one step.
If you forgot a step, go back or verbalize to the tester that you acknowledge what you missed.

The testers want to know that you know what you are doing. Verbalizing is key! Enjoy some fresh air before you start the test, and clear your mind of any negative thoughts. You have exactly what it takes to pass the skills test, and with these tips you will be more than ready. Good luck!

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