The Typical Day of a CNA

The Typical Day of a CNA

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Certified nursing assistants are required to perform many different types of tasks. If you are planning on becoming a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, it will be good for you to have an idea of what your typical day will be like.

What is the job description of a CNA on a daily basis? Well it goes something like this: First, you may help a patient get dressed and help them use the bathroom. Then you may help feed some of the patients breakfast. Next, you might check on the vital signs of some other patients, including blood pressure, heart rate or maybe insulin levels. You may need to listen to their breathing and ask them some questions about how they feel. You may then administer a medication. Then you may report to your nurse with patient information.

Later on you may transfer some patients in and out of bed and to and from different departments, if you work in a hospital. Then you might then be called on to change a bedpan and change linens. Your day will continue on like this, performing various tasks assigned to you by your nurse. At the end of the shift you would report to your nurse again, with updated patient information.

CNA work can be hard physical labor and it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. The hours can be long as well, so you will need to be in good physical condition and be very emotionally and mentally stable to perform CNA work.

The work does not come without reward though. You will build great relationships and strong bonds with many of your patients that are in your care. For many of these elderly patients you will be the person that they will respect most because you will spend more time with them than anyone else. If you are someone who gets satisfaction out of helping others, and are a caring and strong person, you will get great joy and fulfillment from your job as a CNA. If this sounds like you, learn how to get a CNA certification.