Working in a Hospital Environment

Working in a Hospital Environment

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Certified Nurse Assistants who work in a hospital assist in caring for patients with health problems which range from minor to severe. For those who have health problems that they are unable to recover from, the role of a CNA becomes very important in their lives. CNA’s are there to make patients feel as comfortable as possible while assisting with activities of daily living. Depending on the type of hospital, healthcare providers are typically made available 24/7 to assist patients while they recover and or throughout their total stay. A CNA is able to help make sure they feel comfortable and taken care of.

Types Of Patients You Will Care For

Hospitals also have specialty clinics, such as a surgical clinic, where people may go to receive care and it does not always require them to stay overnight. For those individuals who receive same-day care, they are referred to as outpatients. When serious health problems arise, often people find that they can no longer care for themselves, and are then checked into a hospital as an inpatient. This means that they will be staying over night at the hospital for any amount of time.

Types Of Hospitals

There are two main types of hospitals. The first is a general hospital. This type of hospital provides outpatient and inpatient care to any age, illness, and injury. It also provides emergency services as well as education and testing. Each type of care is sectioned into separate departments throughout the hospital. This ensures that specialized care can be attended to for each specific type of illness or injury. The second type of hospital is called a specialized hospital. This hospital only provides care to a specific need, such as a children’s hospital, clinic, oncology, or intensive care unit.

What Is It Like To Work In A Hospital

Each department and shift duties varies depending on the level of care. In general, however, you can expect to be very busy if you work in a hospital. As a CNA in a hospital setting, you are made available to assist patients in need of basic care under the care of a licensed nurse. A general hospital provides round the clock care to inpatients as well as provides 24 hour emergency care. You may be assigned to work overnight, in which case you would be asked to set up a room for any newly admitted patient, assist in activities of daily living at any hour, and provide routine care throughout the night. It is a wonderful place to begin your career as a can, as you will learn very quickly what is expected of you. You will also develop valuable habits which will open up a world of opportunity for a budding career as a healthcare provider.


It is best to keep in mind that whether you work in a specialized hospital or a general hospital, each patient is unique. Compassion and patience are two very important qualities to possess if you plan on working in a hospital. This type of specialty care will ensure that each patient you care for will be treated with love and respect, especially in a stressful and or critical time in their life. Working in a hospital gives you the opportunity to make a difference in someones life, especially if it is at the end of theirs.